You better Belize It

We nearly cut Belize out of our itinerary as when we were in Guatemala we met so many travellers that were kind of negative about it. We heard it would be full of mosquitos and sand flies, some people said it was smelly and the weather was rubbish. Well, this is one of those times when I’m so glad we didn’t listen to those people!

I have fallen in love with it here.

Sadly I haven’t had time to see the whole country – we’ve mostly been in the Cayes, where it’s so blue. Blue sky. Different blues in the sea that look like they can’t possibly be real. BLUE BLUE BLUE.


The people seem so friendly here. Even the persistently pestering men seem nice and everyone says hello. I know Belize city is meant to be rough but the areas we’ve been in feel unintimidating to walk around.

Cinnamon rolls are the best thing you can eat for breakfast. Ever. I particularly love Glendas cafe on Caye Caulker as she serves cinnamon roll with everything – omelette, breakfast sandwich – anything. It’s menu genius.


I even like it when it rains here. It’s not like spitty British rain, where your not sure if it’s really going to rain or not and it just drizzles all day. Here, it RAINS. It pours down. It’s loud and wakes you up. It covers everything and then it stops just as suddenly and the beautiful blue sky returns again.


We haven’t ‘done’ a lot while we’ve been here, as it’s so pretty, it feels like enough to just keep looking at it and pinching myself to try and convince my brain that it’s real and I’m actually here, not dreaming.

(More photos to come soon… Ridiculous, envy inducing photos that will make anyone sat in an office feel sick! šŸ™‚ )


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