1st Month Top Ten

I can’t believe I’ve been away a month. So much has happened and a year is beginning to feel a bit short as there is still so much to do.

On our travel day today, Amy and I tried to compile our top 5 experiences of the month. It was too difficult and so we’ve extended it to top 10, and even with this there are 21 on the long list that didn’t make the cut. Here’s what I came up with:

10. Staying with Miguel and his family in San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. A particularly special moment was getting a hug goodbye from Angela, the 7 year old daughter who liked my name as it is the same as her favorite TV character. She spoke mostly Angelese rather than Spanish though.


9. Having an actual conversation in Spanish with my teacher, Josefa at La Escuela Co-operativa  after a couple of days of learning. We talked about what having children means in life as a woman, which felt pretty complex for a beginner. (San Pedro, Guatemala)


8. Watching the sunset from the pier at Caye Caulker, Belize. Pelicans flying overhead and a drink in hand, this was overwhelmingly beautiful. We topped the night off watching a movie at the outdoor cinema. It was a perfect evening.


7. Canoeing in Flores. Beautiful lake and howler monkeys – amazing.

6. Living amongst Howler Monkeys in the jungle in Flores.


5. New year’s eve/day 2014 midnight watching fireworks going off around the whole of Lake Atitlan from the roof of buddha bar.

4. Placencia Day – building sandcastles, epic swimming, the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen, trading conch fritters for coconuts. Happy day.



3. Cinnamon Rolls in Belize. These are just awesome. At Glenda’s in Caye Caulker she serves a cinnamon roll with every breakfast (eggs on toast, omelette, breakfast sandwich) – she is a genius.


(NB. This is actually a picture of a cinammon roll from ‘Toucan Be Sweet’ in Placencia as I wasn’t smart enough to take a pic of Glendas!)

2. Sunrise on the Indian Nose Volcano, Lake Atitlan. Breathtaking views of the volcano in Antigua erupting while the reflects through the ash and a camp fire with Juan our guide telling us Mayan stories.


1. Raggamuffin Boat Tour from Caye Caulker, Belize. Sailing around the Cayes in the carribean sea, camping on deserted islands, dolphins and so much more. This trip was so incredible it warrants a top ten awesome moments in itself. Here is sneak preview of on of the places we visited on the tour…


(Many more photos of sickenly beautiful places to come, care of the Raggamuffin Tour!)

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