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There is nothing I like more than to talk about travel and make plans for the future.

Since becoming a wandering feline, I have had many people get in touch with me – friends, friends of friends, total strangers – looking to get some help or advice with planning their own independent trip. Sometimes I think it helps just to have someone to go through plans with you whom is equally excited about the prospects of your adventure and maybe some reassurance about aspects of travelling solo that can seem daunting before you go.

I can’t emphasise enough how happy I am to talk through plans and give advice on specifics. I don’t charge for this, I do it because I enjoy it. So, whatever stage of travel planning you are at, even if it’s only dreaming at the moment, I am very happy to discuss with you and answer any questions you have.

Please drop me a line via the contact form below and I will be in touch shortly…

I’ll respond quicker than an El Salvadorian pigeon…

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