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Hello! I’m Ali, a part-time independent traveller, full time vegetarian, everyday wanderer, lover of wildlife, Latin America and UK exploration. In this blog I write stories (tails) of my wanders around the globe, and give hints and tips to hopefully inspire others to travel and have adventures in life at any age and without a big budget.

Wandering Feline Bio
Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

More about me…

I love to travel and hope to see as much of this planet as possible while I can. When travelling, my favourite things to do are to seek out stunning nature and wildlife, explore unusual places, eat good vegetarian food, gaze at street art and take photos along the way.  In this blog I write about these and lots more, all based on my experiences in over 35 countries and counting.

Me and flamingos2
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Why Wandering Feline? 

Wandering can be defined as:

1. to walk or move in a leisurely or aimless way

2. to move slowly away from a fixed point or place

For me travel is best without a fixed plan. I like to walk around slowly, taking in the world around me and discovering the unexpected along the way.

When I first made travel a bigger part of my life, I wanted to move away from a fixed point in my life that wasn’t right for me. I’ve never looked back.

Feline can be defined as:

1. resembling or suggestive of a cat

Cats are independent and love to explore. It is said that they have 9 lives and always land on their feet when falling from a height.

Wandering Feline Bio
San Cristobal Island, Galapagos


Wandering Feline Sandboarding Huacachina Peru
Weeeeee… I’m alive!! Sanding boarding in Huacachina, Peru


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Wandering Feline Salar de Uyuni Bolivia travelling
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Thanks for visiting and following along with this blog. Come again soon.


  1. A cerveza sounds yummy…more so traveling south America and the world. Afraid my traipsing through jungles and deserts are history. I have lots of great memories and thousands of photos…most of them slides.

    1. Wow – slides are great! I miss the days when I returned from a trip and had to wait to get my photos processed so I could see them for the first time and remember. Opening the packet of pics when it was back from the lab was such an exciting moment. Now I just have about 40,000 photos to go through on a laptop and organise :-/ Thanks for reading and never say never – there are adventures to be had anywhere and not necessarily involving jungle treks 🙂

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