Everyone Loves a Llama!

The landscape of many South American countries are full of them.  They are cute, friendly and come in many different colours. How could you not love them? This week I am celebrating the awesomeness that is the Llama! 

Recently, I’ve been delighted to be writing about My Top South American Wildlife Experiences for The Aussie Flashpacker. It’s given me a chance to think about all the fabulous creatures I’ve seen around the world and especially during my South American adventure. But, with so many incredible animals to choose from, one of the most commonly seen, favourites of mine got knocked off the top spots.

Therefore I felt they deserved their own post, just to acknowledge the joy they brought me almost every day in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador…

The loveable llama.

Baby Llama face
Ridiculously cute baby llama! Near Cusco, Peru

Llamas have been a big part of the local lifestyle in many parts of South America since way before the Spanish Invasion. Carrying heavy loads across the difficult terrain in the Andes and contributing their wool to make the cosy clothes required in the cold temperatures often endured in these areas. Apparently even their poo is useful, as it’s possible to dry it and use it as fuel for a fire.

A llamas home
Llamas with space to roam and improving the landscape for us all, Bolivia

As an animal, they are respected and looked after by the locals. I never once saw llama on a menu and their close friends the alpaca are only occasionally seen as a dinner option for tourists.

Anyway, here’s the moment you’ve all be waiting for… a photographic ode to these wonderful animals…

This happy llama was part of the Ccaccaccollo Community and Planeterra-Sponsored Women’s Weaving Co-operative in the mountains near Cusco, Peru. He helps provide wool for the women to make and sell beautifully weaved and knitted items. He was a certain favourite of mine.
A llama on the edge, Inca
Inca Llama. This fellow hangs out at the last inca site you see on the inca trail before Machu Picchu. It was a tough day climbing that day and he made me smile through the pain!
Chatty Llama
Chatty Inca Lllama. Inca Llama’s friend. Inca Trail, Peru.
Hanging in the Salt
Llamas in the salt. It may look like snow, but these llamas are actually hanging out on the salt in the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.
Llama Selfie
Llama selfie challenge winner 2014. Near Cusco, Peru.
Black and white Llama, Inca
They come in  many colours! This llama was hanging out in the fields on day one of the inca trail. What a perfect place to live for a llama. Peru.
Llamas love to munch
Llama having a munch. Peru.
Happy Ears, Bolivia
Party ears llama. These llamas had ear tags so the owner could recognise his herd, they seemed happy with their decoration. Bolvia.
Party Ears
Another member of the party ears family.  There’s so much lovely wool on him. Needed in this cold climate in Bolivia
Mike Myers Llama
This happy llama reminds me a little bit of Mike Myers from the halloween film. He has an excellent fringe though. Near cusco, Peru
Llama Head
Another excellent llama haircut. Near Cusco, Peru
Goodbye Llamas
Goodbye llamas. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

Have you taken the llama-selfie challenge? 

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