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#TRLT is a Twitter travel chat that happens every Tuesday at 6pm GMT. It’s an hour a week where travellers from around the world get together to tweet about travel; share stories, photos and inspiration. I’m delighted to be featured as the #TRLT Tuesday Traveler this week, so wanted to share a bit more about it and…/trlt-tuesday-traveler-ali-hunteran excuse for some cute animals with my top ‘Little Five’ from this week’s chat.

Although I started 2016 on a tropical beach in Vietnam, I’m sadly not long term travelling this year. Sometimes I get the travel blues, and finding others who are as passionate about travel in my day to day life isn’t always easy. Part of my survival tips of coming home was to talk to other travellers who understood and the online community is perfect for that.

#TRLT is one of my favourite twitter chats. It stands for ‘The Road Less Travelled’ and you can find weekly questions, and more about how to join in on Sihpromatum‘s website. The photos shared by the community are beautiful, inspiring and I can feel a little like I’m travelling the world once a week from the comfort of my sofa!

To give you an example (and with an excuse for some cute animals), here is a little more on my favourite question from this week.

Q: We all love the “Big Five,” but what are your favourite “Little Five” on #TRLT? Share a pic!

Not easy to answer as I have so many potential winners on my ‘Little Five’ list! I went for the following…

My top must see ‘Little Five’

Sloth Face Costa Rica TRLT
1. Sloths with their cute, smiley faces. Photo: Near Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Colourful Lizard Colombia TRLT
2. Colourful lizards. Found all over Central and South America. Photo: Parque Tayrona, Colombia
Turtle Galapagos TRLT
3. Leatherback Turtle (my favourite!). Photo: Galapagos, Ecuador.
Capuchin Monkey Costa Rica TRLT
4. Cheeky Monkeys! Photo: Capuchins, Montezuma, Costa Rica
Toucan Costa Rica TRLT
5. Toucans. Photo: A toucanette, Costa Rica.

Top ‘Little Ten’, because I can’t decide on only five!! 

Llama Peru TRLT
6. Llamas. Life would not be complete without hanging out with a llama at some point!! Photo: Peru
Baby Llama face
6. More Llama cuteness. Photo: Peru
Sealion family
7. Sealions. Photo: Galapagos Ecuador. Don’t miss them dancing around you in the sea and hanging out with you on the beach.
Baby Sea Lion Galapagos Ecuador
7. Baby Sealions – cute factor 20! Photo: Galapagos Islands
Blue Footed Boobies, Ecuador
8. Blue-Footed Boobies. Photo: Isla de la Plata, Ecuador
Stink bird Amazon Ecuador
9. Stink Birds! They are the blue-faced punks of the bird world. Photo: Amazon, Ecuador.
10. Dolphins. Photo: Oman

What would your top ‘Little Five’ be? 

Hope you can join us one day on Twitter for #TRLT and check out the Travel Tuesday article!

This post is proud to be part of the Wanderful Wednesday Link-up! 


    1. It’s the best thing – apart from planning the next trip!! I also travel from home regularly through your beautiful photos too of course 🙂

    1. Oh you should definitely go if you ever get the chance – it was a dream come true and like a magical world run by the sea lions! 😉 It can be affordable if you book when you are already in Ecuador. Let me know if you ever need any tips

    1. They can be quite addictive can’t they! So many top tips and ideas for the bucket list. Look forward to seeing you there 🙂

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