Weekly Small Pleasures #3

Weekly Small Pleasures is a blog event hosted by Mani from A New Life Wandering. It’s a way to remember and take note of all the brilliant things in life every week. It’s all about those little things that (in Mani’s lovely words) ‘made you smile, made you laugh, made you do a happy dance, made your heart silently smile, or even made you cry for joy.’

I have been a little delayed in my 3rd post as I’ve been a bit under the weather, but still lots of things have made me smile…

1. Discovering a new band I like

A current excellent hobby I’m partaking in is to listen to every album in the 1001 albums to listen to before you die book… several of these have disappointed me, but this week a new album was discovered that I listened to 4 times in a row. Isn’t it great to find new music!

2. Baking focaccia

I’ve always wanted to learn to bake. There’s still hope for this yet. This is the second attempt at a focaccia in as many days and it is delicious. Nothing more smile-inducing than filling the house with the smell of a freshly baked loaf!

Baking Focaccia
Potato and Thyme focaccia

3. Skype across the world

I lived in Greece for 4 months when I was 19. These were the days of no wifi, minimal mobile phones and rarely an internet cafe. I stood at a payphone to phone my best friend and cried a homesick tear when our 6 minute phone card ran out and I had no money to buy another. Now, I moan when a friend’s face is a little blurry on my laptop screen, but lets face it the ability to Skype (or video call using another app!) makes me smile. I can see my boyfriend every night, even when he’s far away. I can chat to my friend in New Zealand for 2 hours and best of all, I’ve made cooing faces at my best friend’s new born who has just arrived in Perth, Australia without needing to buy a flight. Technology is very cool!

Looks like Mani has had a deliciously happy week too. Check it out here.


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