Weekly Small Pleasures #6

Weekly Small Pleasures is a blog event hosted by Mani from A New Life Wandering. It’s a way to remember and take note of all the brilliant things in life every week. It’s all about those little things that (in Mani’s lovely words) ‘made you smile, made you laugh, made you do a happy dance, made your heart silently smile, or even made you cry for joy.’

Moving house, exploring new areas, quality time with friends… this week has been one full of small pleasures and the start of new adventures.

The moment you finish unpacking

Van hire and moving boxes sounded like fun originally because I was so excited about having a new start in a new home… but it wasn’t fun at all. I should have remembered that from all the many other times I’ve moved – moving is not like travelling! The happy dance came when the floor was clear of boxes, the bags unpacked and stashed away, stuff was organised and space clear for wiggling! It’s so good to wake up and feel settled for a while.

New home, drawers
Once the Ecuadorian table runner comes out, I know I’m on the final stretch of unpacking!


With a new home comes renewed connection with the homely things I love to do – something I’ve really not done much of since returning from my year of adventure. Cooking. 3 brilliant friends were fed mouthwatering blackbean and pumpkin burritos from the brilliant book of my favourite veggie restaurant in London – Mildreds. Happy happy tummies.

Mildred's cook book
Definitely delicious

Latin food stalls

Keeping with the food pleasures (there are a lot of these in my weekly pleasures, I’ve noticed!!)… While exploring the new area of London I’ve moved to, I have discovered there is a incredible Latin American community in the area. The sounds of Spanish vocabulary made me smile from ear to ear and even better is the food that comes with it! Arepas, tacos, salchipapas and patacones were just some of the delights on offer that made me long to go back to Latin America. At least I can get a little fix while I’m at home (photos coming soon).

Spring in London

London is full of spring and it’s a perfect time to explore new areas. What more can I say – spring in London makes me really happy.

Drippy nose drake
The ducks were out in the park

Seeing the sea

I was lucky enough to have to go to the south coast for a meeting this week with a certain boat related organisation. The train pulled in and the sun glistened across the ocean. I got to see lots of boats… There is nothing like seeing the sea to make me glow from the inside out.

Really brilliant week for me.

Check out what Mani has been up to – also moving house! The pics of her new home town have mountain beauty that will blow your mind.




  1. So we both moved! Haha.. Yeah, the actual moving isn’t very fun, but settling down and making a new space your own is more fun. 🙂 I do miss London spring, and Latin food stalls sounds like an awesome find :p Have a wonderful week!

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