Travelling Downtime

I have just completed a 2 week adventure in Honduras and on the journey back to El Salvador it dawned on me that I´ve been abroad for nearly 6 months now. I think it has been the best six months of my life; I have already collected so many unforgetable memories and I can´t wait for more in the next part of my journey.

However, for the last couple of days I have been in a state of fatigue and wonder if any other travellers go through this at some point during a long trip?

Luckily, I´m living in a house at the moment, and therefore I am able to easily lie like a potato on a bed and doing things like watch ´Great British Bake Off´ on BBC Entertainment and eating cereal (I have never watched GBBO before, but am instantly hooked and now have a new ambition to add to my list, which is to learn to bake cakes like that!!).  I don´t feel like going anywhere new today, and actually like the idea of remaining in my vegetative state for a little while. Maybe I´ll read a book, or fix my skirt (that was eaten by a crazy costa rican dog), but honestly I´m not sure I can see myself doing much else right now.

Travelling is surprisingly tiring. It isn´t like the holidays I´ve had before. I´m constantly trying to learn new things, talk to people I don´t know, speak Spanish (badly) and stay safe in new places. It´s beautiful and at times relaxing, but it´s not really refreshing in the way a holiday is, and so my body and brain seems to have reached capacity for a while. I feel a sense of guilt having these days off though. I am so lucky to be here and having these experiences and yet here I am sitting in my pants, rejecting the idea of seeing beautiful things for a couple of days. Have I failed as a traveller to stop for a while? Or is this a normal part of being on a trip for a long time?

Anyway, this is a travel blog, so instead of just wallowing in guilt I will end on a beautiful pìcture… This is me swimming in a beautiful waterfall in Parque Nacional Pico Bonito, Honduras… Happy days



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