Weekly Small Pleasures #5

Weekly Small Pleasures is a blog event hosted by Mani from A New Life Wandering. It’s a way to remember and take note of all the brilliant things in life every week. It’s all about those little things that (in Mani’s lovely words) ‘made you smile, made you laugh, made you do a happy dance, made your heart silently smile, or even made you cry for joy.’

My recent trip to Vietnam has left me behind in joining weekly small pleasures, but the great thing is that this blog event stays with me even when I’m not blogging! I notice the small things that make me smile and feel grateful more. I talk about the big, incredible things travelling offers all the time. So… here are some of the small pleasures from my recent trip…

Fresh Coconut on the beach

Fruit is so tasty in Vietnam. To rehydrate on a hot day, my favourite is a fresh coconut. The sweet, clear liquid refreshes every part of me and then the inside makes a perfect light lunch, that saves money and is delicious. On the beach at Con Son island, I noticed lots of people had coconuts. So, I grabbed a deck chair and ordered my favourite treat – waiting in anticipation, while soaking up the sun. Suddenly the waiter returned looking worried. There were no coconuts left!! I was gutted. I ordered a water and sat in my chair, trying not to be disappointed as I was still very lucky to be in Vietnam in the first place. I relaxed into reading my book when the man appeared again with his big, friendly grin. He had found a coconut! Somehow, on this deserted beach, he’d managed to negotiate a coconut and made sure it was saved for me. It was the sweetest, juiciest coconut!

Coconut on the beach in Vietnam
Coconut is a great treatment if you’ve had a dodgy tummy from foreign foods!

A hug in the market

In Hoi An market there are a multitude of delights for any palette. I am vegetarian, so was searching the stalls for a sign that said ‘Chay’ (Vegetarian in Vietnamese). I found a smiling lady, with several options and wolfed down her tofu noodle soup. Delicious and all for less than £1. I returned to the market a few days later hoping to find the same stall, but there were so many signs and people that I couldn’t remember which one. All of a sudden a smiling, waving person appeared in the corner of my eye. I recognised the face, just as I was enveloped into long and genuine hug. The lady was delighted to see us again and that we had enjoyed her food so much. It was lovely to show our appreciation through returning, without having the words to say it directly.

vegetarian tofu soup Vietnam
Delicious chay noodle soup

A quiet moment at New Year

When new year came in 2016, there was no-one else on the quiet beach of Con Son island except me and my boy. It was a dream come true, romantic midnight moment. With only the light of the stars and a few fishing boats and the sea gently lapping near by, we stole a kiss. This was a special moment for me and definitely made my heart smile.

Quiet beach time together is heavenly on Con Son island

Fresh Mango smoothie after walking the old town for 5 hours

We stopped for fresh mango smoothie  after exploring Hanoi’s old town and market for 5 hours and my body has never been so happy. The fruity explosion in my mouth revitalised all of me for hours more exploration time.

Fruits in Vietnam (Mango, Dragon Fruit)
Tasty fruits in Vietnam are one of the world’s small pleasures


Looks like fruit (and veg) has been bringing Mani some joy too.

What small things have made you happy this week? 



  1. I absolutely loved these! I’m so glad you shared. It is such a nice thing you were able to show appreciation by just coming back. I’m sure she was very happy. And coconut and mango are just about two of my favourite things in the world 🙂
    I hope you are having a great week.

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