Whose Shoes…? A Peruvian Mystery

Huanchaco is a smallish surfing town nearish the north of Peru. I came here because I wanted to get back to sea level after being at altitude for a long time further south and because I wanted to get back to trying to surf.


It is a fishing village, now turned into surfing haven without the nightlife of popular and busy Mancora. Perfect for me, wanting to chill out as much as possible. Friendly pelicans and boobies (the birds you perverts!) spend their days following fishermen and tourists around on the beach and in the wáter, hoping for a sneaky munch on a fish.


Little known by many an unsuspecting traveller is that it is also the location of the great* Peruvian mystery of the homeless shoes.


The main beach for fishing often isn’t very clean and one of the main items left behind when I was there was shoes. Not a pair of shoes though. Just individual lonely shoes in their grave without their partner.


It’s a terrible end to a life well lived trying to serve the feet of the population.


Who deserted their shoes to the sea?


Where did the other shoe go?


I hope they are on beautiful carribean islands somewhere living a happy shoe life amongst the other lost shoes.

In other news for anyone thinking of visiting here, it’s quite chilly right now (July) Vegetarian food at Otra Cosa is delicious.


I feel like this place is not as nice as i hoped it would be but there are definitely a few little gems among the rough.


*NB. There might be a bit of an exageration in how great this mystery is in comparison with other Peruvian mysteries, what with the Incas and all. But you know, I´ve had a slow week.

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