Weekly Small Pleasures #2


Weekly Small Pleasures is a blog event hosted by Mani from A New Life Wandering. It’s a way to remember and take note of all the brilliant things in life every week. It’s all about those little things that (in Mani’s lovely words) ‘made you smile, made you laugh, made you do a happy dance, made your heart silently smile, or even made you cry for joy.’

So… what made me smile this week?

  1. Autumn Colours

My smile is enormous every day at the moment for the simple reason that the UK has become naturally multi-coloured. I’d forgotten how much I love autumn leaves when I was away last year. Right now, my eyes are filled with reds, greens, yellows, browns and orange wherever I go and this makes me so happy!

Dazzling amber tree on my Sunday walk!

2. New backpack!!!

Taking the knife and slicing through the Sellotape that held the cardboard flaps together. And then, through the haze of bubble wrap, a first glimpse at the treasure inside! Is there anything more exciting than opening a hotly anticipated parcel? Well yes probably… but my new backpack arriving this week made me do that happy dance! (It has so many handy pockets!!). 55 days until Vietnam.

3. Cake

I’ve been on a bit of a health kick recently and for that I have cut out chocolate and sweet things. This week, I reached my goal weight and so celebrated by tucking into my favourite Coffee and Walnut cake – made even better by being served over tea with my mum (So British!). That moment of eating cake after weeks without was more than just a small pleasure – it was a mouth full of joy!

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Hope you’ve had a good week!


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